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Did you ever hear of Lake Las Vegas? Chances are, you probably haven’t. But if you’re looking for a quiet oasis in the Las Vegas desert, look no further! People who come into Las Vegas seeking to relocate or to buy a vacation home (or whatever) can’t believe their eyes when they visit this area of town – and for good reason: you’ll live like royalty for probably half of what your current luxury home is worth!

Lake Las Vegas is like living in Las Vegas without really living in Las Vegas. Lake Las Vegas is located in Henderson, Nevada and is about a 25 minute car ride from McCarran airport and the famed Las Vegas Strip. In other words, you’re living in the greatest city in the world, but you’re also secluded from the craziness Vegas offers should you want to get away. And we’re talking luxury!… with amazing views and amenities… and from some of the finest builders in town including the following:

You haven’t seen anything like this until you visit for yourself. If you’re interested in more information (and for the latest deals and resales), please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you promptly. But remember, don’t visit a new construction development without a real estate agent! Here’s why.

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