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The City of Henderson has created many redevelopment programs for developers and business owners in 5 redevelopment areas: Cornerstone, Downtown, Eastside, Lakemoor Canyon, and Tuscany. Incentives included in these redevelopment programs can literally save you thousands of dollars on improvements, leases, working capital, real estate and equipment!

There are both real estate developer assistance programs and business owner incentive programs. Included in these programs are:

  • Grants for Commercial Building and Storefront Facade Improvement.
  • Tenant Improvement Grants
  • The “Grow Henderson Fund”, helping to create jobs by funding small business expenses such as real estate acquisition, leasehold improvements, working capital, machinery, and equipment.

If you’re considering buying real estate and opening a business, look no further than Henderson, Nevada because tremendous redevelopment opportunities await you. Do you want to hear more? Then please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you with more information!

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